Dye DM11

The new Dye DM11 continues the tradition of being one of the lightest, smallest, fastest and accurate of paintball markers in the world. The  one-piece Fuse bolt system operates at about 150psi, resulting in a shorter overall length. The low operating pressure provides smooth and and clean shot every time, with low sound and recoil.

The Dye DM11 low-maintenance internal patented Eye Pipe anti-chop system that self cleans. this will let fire a high rates no problem.


1. 14 inch two piece Ultralite barrel with .688 bore
2. Fuse Bolt
3. Internal LPR
4. Low operating pressure of 150psi
5. Eye pipe with integrated detents
6. Ultralite airport
7. Ultralite reach trigger
8. 2nd generation ultralite frame
9. LED control with 4 fire modes and 40 ROF settings
10. Hyper3 regulator
11. Cam lock feed neck
12. Tool-less sticky grips for quick access


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How to sweep the mines of Minesweeper

In this post I will be showing you how to become MLG at Minesweeper. I will be showing you how to play on the  beginner.

 In this setting of Minesweeper you will want to have a good start with the most open square as you can in order to get the best time. After you have a good start you will want to flag each square that you know has a mine on it. after that it is just a matter of clicking and flagging the other square.

good luck out in them mine fields! 🙂



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